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Child Care Management Software Comparison Chart for Child Care and Day Care Software

ChildCare Sage child care management software is a full scale child care management software that comes with everything you need to run your entire center.  This means that you do not have to buy just a few modules of the other child care management software to keep the price affordable and sacrifice the time and effort of tracking everything else by hand.  If you are a federally subsidized program it just makes no sense to pay 5 times more for less software or pay the additional upgrade pricing and costly support issues through the years.  This leaves more dollars to spend on early development and learning tools to help educate.  Call us today to discuss your organization's needs and let us give you so much more software for less.  We have more features than the competition and can offer custom reports built into your software at a very reasonable price when needed.  Call for more info 800-460-5745.

Right out of college I knew what I wanted to do- teach preschoolers.  Starting my own Childcare and managing 60 kids and 10 staff members was a challenge.  Lucky for me I found Childcare Sage.  It manages the day to day for both my students and staff.  Helped me to deal with State based program reimbursements, meals, payroll, class scheduling, bus scheduling, school drop-offs and most importantly security of who had access to the students.

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Reasons why your center should use the Childcare Sage

1. The Childcare Sage comes complete with every function you need to professionally run your childcare business including:

Record Keeping, Billing, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Expense Tracking, Timeclock, Payroll, CACFP/USDA Menu Planning, Activity Planning, Networking, and much more.

2. The Childcare Sage offers unique billing customization to automate how your center bills.

3. Our idea of affordability doesn't cost thousands of dollars, we don’t sell you the program in pieces, and we don’t make you pay monthly to use our software.

4. The Childcare Sage is PC-based and installed. You own your software and data, and you never have to worry about your internet connection being slow or down. You are not leasing your software, you don't have monthly payments, your costs never go up, and you control how you use your software.

5. Childcare Sage support includes free phone support, free email support, free website forums, and free online support using GoToAssist and GoToMeeting.

6. The Childcare Sage costs less than 1/5 the price of some of our competitors, and our software is much less expensive than web-based programs that you lease each month.

7. The Childcare Sage has been used and trusted for 9 years, and we offer a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

Our functionality speaks for itself. Please review our extensive feature and comparison chart below:


Childcare Sage is the
only program offered in 3 versions (small, medium, large) depending on the capacity of your center.

                                                                                                                              M(number) means module at extra cost



Sage™ LC

Childcare Manager™



Child Information






Store child, parent, and pickup person information plus bus run information, enroll dates, tuition, and schedule




Store Photos for child, parents and pickup persons




Track child immunizations




Daily child log (progress reports, incidents, daily checklist, daily forms, etc)





Staff Information






Store staff information including photo, employment dates, and work schedule




Store Photos for staff





Track staff Certifications




Child/Contact Functions






Create custom reports with selectable information, information column order and contact grouping




Child Attendance






Separate Timeclock Program to let parents sign their children in/out





Graphically track child attendance in main program




Print attendance reports that show child counts, and arrivals/departures (useful for staffing)




Ad-hoc Drop-Off scheduling system





Child Billing






Flexible billing that includes tuition, overtime, expenses,  hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/part time/full time billing and automatically generates child bills




Separately tracks parent tuition and copay payments and associated balances





Drop-Off billing with multiple child discounts and coupons





USDA Meals Program






Plan menus, print production reports,  check CACFP compliance





Print Meals Count Charts and CACFP reimbursement tables





Staff Timesheets






Separate Timeclock Program to let staff sign themselves in/out





Graphically track staff hours in main program




Print staffing reports that show staff counts for each class for each day of the week, and daily attendance schedules that count staff arriving and leaving per hour and staff schedules




Staff Wages






Flexible Payroll that includes salary, overtime, expense reimbursement, hourly/daily/ weekly/monthly and part time/full time wages and automatically generates staff paysheets




Store Payments






Store payments for childcare and payroll to staff with date, amount, and description plus batch payment posting




Separately store tuition and copay payments and bill separately





Center Expenses






Store center expenses including food, rent, utilities, time use %, etc




Store mileage expenses





Center Functions






Center Journal to record daily happenings and schedule and track inspections, maintenance, etc.











Create accounting reports that show payments receivable, payroll payable, and net income




Quickbooks ProÔ Integration




Organization Functions






Built in daily activities and appointment date book with calendars and alarms





Built in Activity Planner





Create form letters through Microsoft Word® and create emails from within system





System Functions






Multiple level password system


Built in database backup function







Support for International Currency











Typical Cost for Complete System with Modules






Cost for Complete System with all features of Childcare Sage






Annual Support (Base Product)






Childcare Mgr S


Procare Mini


Procare Mini




M1- Time Mger


M1- Family Data


M6- Payroll


M2- Family / Child Drawer

M9- Payroll

M2- Nutrition Mgr


M2- Family Acct


M7- USDA Food Program


M3- Staff Drawer

M10- General Ledger

M3- Networking


M3- Attendance Tracker


M8- Agency Accounting


M4- Accounts Receivable

M12- Food Program



M4- Employee Data




M5- Advanced Attendance

M13- Networking



M5- Accounts Payable




M6- Custom Report Writer

M15- Insta-Merge







M8- Accounts Payable

M16- Timeclock

1- Typical cost includes: M1

4- Similar cost includes: M1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

2- Similar cost includes: M1,2,3

5- Typical cost includes: (M1-7),8,16

3- Typical cost includes: M1,2,3,4,5,7

6- Similar cost includes: (M1-7),8,9,10,12,13,16


 KidsCare is a Registered Trademark of Softerware, Inc. // Childcare Manager is a Registered Trademark of Personalized Software // Procare is a Registered Trademark of Professional Solutions

Childcare Sage Software Management Software is Complete and Comprehensive

 The Childcare Sage Management Software comes complete with every function you need to run your childcare center. The Childcare Sage Management Software program will run any type of childcare center, including traditional child care centers, home care centers, drop-off centers, preschools, afterschool centers, summer camps, and all faith-based and learning development centers of any size. Typical users range from family home-based centers all the way to 600 child multiple building facilities. The following is a list of some of the features and functions that come standard in our software and should be the standard by which you chose your new software:

Child Information
a) Store child's information including medical history, remarks, and immunizations
b) Store child photo (plus parent and pickup person photos)
c) Store each parent's and pickup person's information including address, phone numbers, and email
d) Store daycare center information including class, enroll dates, and bus run information
e) Store different schedules by class and days
f) Store different schedules by date ranges (used for waitlists, and early enrollment)
g) Setup additional, searchable user defined fields (dates, numbers, text, checkboxes, selectors)

 Child Progress / Incidents
a) Track child progress/achievements though daily log and journal
b) Track child incidents through event calendar

 Staff Information
a) Store staff information including certifications
b) Store staff photo
c) Store job information including class, employment dates, and work schedule
d) Store future work schedules by date ranges (used for future child/staff ratio planning)
e) Setup additional user defined fields (dates, numbers, text, checkboxes)

a) Let parents sign their kids in/out
b) Let staff sign themselves in/out
c) Display general messages
d) Leave messages for specific parents and staff
e) Batch Sign in/out groups of children (bus drop off, etc)
f) Midnight cycle function to automatically sign children and staff out at 11:59pm and back in at 12:00am
g) Sign in siblings together instead of 1 at a time
h) Let parents leave messages to staff
i) Ability to have stand-alone, non-networked timeclock
j) Ability to have multiple timeclock computers
k) Fingerprint Scanning capability (Fingerprint package sold separately)
l) Door Access Control

Child Attendance
a) Graphically track child attendance
b) Print attendance reports that show child counts, children arriving and leaving, and empty slots
c) Attendance schedules can include scheduled and timesheet hours
d) Batch Timesheet entry with ability to copy timesheets from prior days (centers that transcribe sign-in sheets)

Child Billing
a) Automatically calculate and charge accounts
b) Works with fixed cost/tuition billing (same amount each week/month)
c) Works with late pickup and overtime billing (if child comes in early or leaves late)
d) Works with hourly/daily/weekly/monthly billing (child is billed for each hour they are at the center)
e) Works with part time/full time billing (child is billed for either full days or part days based on hours)
f) Ability to setup different rates that apply to different days and hours within those days
g) Works with additional classes (dance, etc)
h) Works with additional daily charges (lunch bunch, etc)
i) Global Child discounts (sibling, employee child, member, etc)
j) Automatically applies and itemizes discounts
k) Separately track parent copays and balances
l) Graphically enter childcare expenses
m) Generate child bills
n) Automatically Email child bills
o) Insert Center Logo into bills
p) Automatic ACH and Credit Card Account processing
q) Store payments from parents

Drop Off Center Functionality
a) Discounts for siblings at the center at the same time
b) Different discounts (above) depending on day
c) Apply coupons to charges
d) Ad-hoc Drop-Off scheduling system (time and class)

Batch Child Billing and Rates
a) Enter batch childcare expenses for groups of children
b) Set up unlimited defined rates and copy rates between groups of children
c) Set up unlimited defined attendance schedules and copy schedules between groups of children
d) Use Barcode scanning to add expenses into accounts
e) Allow batch payment posting

 CACFP/USDA Meals Program
a) Store child meals, meal times, and foods consumed
b) Print meals count charts
c) Create, store, recall, and print daily menus / meal plans for newborns, infants and older children
d) Copy meal plans between days

Staff Timesheets
a) Graphically track staff hours
b) Keep track of vacation, personal, and sick-leave hours
c) Print staffing reports that show daily staff counts and staffing schedules
d) Print staff schedules

 Staff Wages and Payroll
a) Works with fixed salary payroll
b) Works with overtime and time and a half
c) Works with hourly/daily/weekly payroll
d) Setup different rates that apply to different days and hours (higher hourly rate for weekends)
e) Graphically enter reimbursable expenses
f) Enter batch reimbursable expenses for groups of staff
g) Automatically generate staff paysheets with hours, wages, and expense reimbursements
h) Withhold Payroll taxes
i) Store payments to staff

Child/Contact Functions
a) Find contacts and children through any combination of information
b) Store and Recall search criteria
c) Create custom reports with selectable information, information column order and contact grouping

Center Functions
a) Track and schedule center inspections, maintenance, etc
b) Keep a daily center journal
c) Waitlist with waitlist aging reports

Center Expenses
a) Store center expenses such as food, rent, utilities, etc
b) Store mileage expenses
c) Add time-use % to expenses (for family home-based centers)

 Accounting Reports
a) Reports that show childcare payments made and owed
b) Reports that show staff wages paid and owed
c) Reports that show center net income

 Organization Functions
a) Daily Activities and To Do List
b) Built in Appointment date book and alarms
c) Create form letters through Microsoft Word®

 System Functions
a) Multiple level password system (4 levels)
b) Built in database backup function
c) Networkable
d) Multiple Site Functionality
e) Quickbooks Pro Integration
f) Support for International Currency

Never settle for less and pay more.  ChildCare Sage is complete and comprehensive without the the excessive price.

Childcare Sage™ software is the leading affordable Child care management software available. Our software was designed with your needs as a professional Childcare provider in mind. Childcare Sage™ is complete, affordable, powerful and flexible. Childcare Sage™ automates and organizes your business, saving you from constant time-consuming paper work.

We are so sure you will love our software,
We offer a full 100%
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't happy with our software, call or email us to get an RMA number, write the RMA number on the outside of the package, and just send back the software package to us within 60 days of ordering it.

Our competitors charge over $2,000 for similar software,
Get your copy today for the limited time offer of only:

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ChildCare Sage™

(Please click Price Sheet to print our Childcare Sage price sheet and function checklist.)

Compare our price sheet to the competition. With the Childcare Sage, you simply buy the version that supports the number of enrolled children or families at your center, that's it. No modules, no extra licenses, and no extras. It couldn't be simpler, or more affordable!


You save 10% when you use coupon code MLC10

Size Number of Children Supported
$495 less 10%  Small Center Version (limit 50 children and 20 staff members)
$695 less 10% Medium Center Version (limit 100 children and 40 staff members)
$895 less 10% Large Center Version (unlimited)
$1195 less 10% Drop In Center Version (unlimited)
$345 less 10% BioPlugin Fingerprint Scanner Package  
$125 less 10% Annual Support Renewal with Networking Support see version history
$100 less 10% Annual Support Renewal without Networking Support see version history
    Call if you don't remember your user name or password log in info  

The BioPlugin Fingerprint Scanner Package adds fingerprint scanning to the Childcare Sage Time clock. The package comes with the Fingerprint scanning software, and a Child friendly fingerprint scanner.

Don't Forget to Use Coupon Code MLC10 at checkout to get your 10% savings

Support Renewal is never required to use your software as with other industry software. Most centers renew their support to call or email us with questions and to get new versions after the first year. Networking support includes remote web-based support to help you set up and maintain a network at your center.

You can download our software immediately after you purchase it, and we always send you the Childcare Sage Software Package via USPS mail with your purchase.

We offer special pricing for multiple purchases, and we offer payment plans. Please call us for details. We also offer automatic Renewal of Annual Support through your credit card or bank account. Please call us for details. 800-460-5745

(Please click ChildCare Sage Management Software Policies to review our policies about shipping, returns, and paying by check.)

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ChildCare Sage Marketing of Texas

Daycare Software
"Value. Childcare Sage is relatively inexpensive and because it is so comprehensive, you are definitely getting the best bang for your buck."


  1) "What a wonderful program.  Tried the competitors trials and this is so much simpler to use."  Mary M. Childcare Haven, Ohio

2) "Your customer service was so helpful with our installation questions.  This program is so user friendly. "Bill J. Montessori Learning Schools  Maryland

3) The Childcare Sage software has so many features and was literally more that half the price or the competition. We love it." Betty B. California Learning Academy

4) " Love this program.  Looked at the web based offering but the customer service person explained why that was not the way to go.  She was so right. A friend went with web based and four times my price and sure enough the internet goes down and they can't use it."  Dale D. Missouri

Child Care Sage Differentiators:

1) The Childcare Sage is not web-based. You are not leasing your software, you don't have monthly payments, your costs never go up, and you control how you use your software, and there is never any down time due to internet outages.

2) The Childcare Sage includes a time clock that runs on any windows computer and can be networked.

3) The Childcare Sage can be networked and can be installed on multiple computers (including home computers, laptops, etc.) when used for the same center without additional seat licenses.

4) The Childcare Sage offers unique billing customization to automate how your center bills, instead of making you change how you bill, or making you manually enter charges.

5) The developers of the Childcare Sage, B & I Computer Consultants, have a 10 year history of providing top notch professional software and support, with over 7,000 highly satisfied current users.

6) The Childcare Sage costs less than 1/5 the price of some of our competitors, and our software is much less expensive than web-based programs that you lease each month.

7) Childcare Sage has more features and benefits than any other software on the market and we have the ability to add custom reporting on a one off basis.  Need something customized just ask!


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